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We are your local Internet Marketing Agency.  Our speciality is SEO – Website Search Engine Optimization. When your website is optimized, that makes it easier for a  search engines to crawl the site and index the pages according to relevance to what users type in for searches. And higher visibility equals higher conversion. And to help you with that we use a reliable, time-tested and up to date formula that is currently producing over 20,000 number 1 results in the organic Google Search Engine.
And if you don`t have a website yet – not a problem! We will make a great website for your business. It will be designed  right from the start go give it best chance of being found on a search engine. That`s what they call SEO Website. And with some of-page ongoing work it`ll be on page one.
Here in Cheshire we are different from the average SEO company,  because  we get dominating results and are wanting to see your business on page one on Google. And  we don`t have an office with employees  that produces huge monthly costs that would partly be charged from you.
We do the work ourselves and you get the opportunity to get the same advantage at a fraction of the cost.
So,  how do we dominate competition?  We are consistently  researching and testing and making sure that we stay above and beyond the Penguin, Panda, and other Google updates. This allows us to stay on top of Google updates and keep you above your competition.

To see how we do our work take a look at the video on the home page

Ethical/Best SEO Practices

What is ethical SEO? It is not about white hat and black hat SEO as this is purely marketing mumbo jumbo – pure fantasy to sell and intimidate, with no value to you or your business. See, when you do paid advertising with Google, you agree to terms of service with them. And to stay ethical we adhere to the letter of the law.
But when it comes to Google’s free rankings, then what you do with your website is your business, not theirs! The way Google operates is based on an algorithm or a formula that is designed to deliver the results that Google’s team thinks will make them the most money and that is by getting the most people to click on the paid ads that you see displayed above the free results and to the right.
It means that if you can find someone, like us, to work WITH Google to naturally provide your website with the ADVANTAGE that you need to rank number 1, then you’re going to be in line to get a LOT of customers to your doorstep!
And because we do things with what’s working RIGHT NOW, and we keep a careful eye for what Google is going to want next week, next month, and next year, your rankings will endure. How can we know what Google is going to want? Much like the menu at a popular restaurant, you’ll find changes, of course. But you’ll mostly have the same consistency because they aren’t just going to throw out their old menu overnight!
So listen, if some SEO expert starts talking about white hats, black hats, blue shirts, yellow shorts…ethics, when it comes to SEO, it’s a red flag that they are willing to shamelessly use anything to turn a buck. And we don`t do that.
Are you ready to take your business on the next level or at least find out what is possible for you? Then contact us by phone or e-mail or leave your details in the Discovery Form And we can help you dominate your competition.

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